I love the process of collage, the ‘making sense’ of the pieces as if it were a jigsaw. I see the process similarly to how I approach painting a picture; out of spontaneous and vivid brushstrokes an image emerges through the chaos through layering up colour and tone to achieve texture and depth.


I hand paint pieces of paper using different colours in quite a slap dash way! The more wild the better! I am left with sheets of paper that are covered in streaks of colour and tone and pattern, full of delightful randomness and spontaneity.

I choose a subject matter – usually it is something very colourful. I’m drawn to bold colours and quite simple basic objects, I’ve always been attracted to retro logos of brands and stylised shapes.

From the pieces of paper I select and cut shapes and carefully build the image up. It is very much like painting an image as you have to consider shadow, tone and layering throughout the process, deconstructing the image to into its purest form of colour, shape and form and almost rebuilding it again in my own style.


My collages are simple, fun and playful and most importantly full of colour!

Limited Edition Signed Giclee Prints are available of the collages (Edition of 100.) The inks used are fade resistant and printed on Fotospeed Fine Art soft textured paper( 315gsm). They range form A3-A5 and look fabulous mounted and framed.

Please contact me for more details about size and price.


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