20th May – 20th June 2016 at Collect Art Gallery, Lymm

When it came to deciding what I would base my next exhibition on I felt I needed a subject matter that would offer not only the elements I look for when finding a subject matter – colour and movement – but something extra that would give me the opportunity to explore my painting to push the boundaries and allow me to give more of myself in the work.

I have always loved and been very intrigued by the circus since being a child. The colour of the costumes, the lights, the movement of the acts and the noise and the cheers of the audience are a delight for the senses. Nothing else seems to exist once you set foot under the canopy of the Big Top. The air is humid, and with it, a buzz of excitement is carried around the arena person to person like an electric current.

It’s a wonderful place where for a couple of hours you can lose yourself in its dreamy hyper-real micro climate…..